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The Quintessential Chickadee Book Swap Workshop

This is our first Chickadee Community offering and we absolutely love it because it combines two of our favorite things-books and meeting new friends.

Remember the book(s) that changed your life? The one you finished reading and you knew you weren’t the same person you had been when you first picked it up to read? The book that enthused you so much, you couldn’t quit talking about it to your friends, family or anyone else who would listen. Those are the titles we’re looking for at a Chickadee Book Swap.

Once you’ve settled on your title, bring a new copy of your book selection to class. (You get to keep your own tear-stained, chocolate-smudged, underlined and dog-eared copy for your own.) Just make sure to arrive to the class with your book wrapped up, so that no one else can see what you’ve brought.

We’ll spend some time discussing your books, mixed in with a bit of gentle coaching and at the end of the workshop, we trade books­­—and which participant ends up with what book is nothing short of magical. We get goose bumps every time we offer this class.

PS-The key to this workshop is to be authentic with your book choice. Please bring your heart’s choice, no matter what you think. We’ve seen incredible instances of serendipity with participants who brought their favorite childhood book or a random, obscure title that profoundly impacted them.

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